Capacity building and training

• Believing prepared teams are the driving force of change, We empower your team, with customized training to your business and the challenges of new times.

• Among the various courses and lectures already developed, highlight:

Logistics and Operations:

• Redesign of Business Processes;
• Logistics Operations Management;
• Logistics and Strategy and differentiation factor;
• Logistics Costs, Tax and Tax Issues;
• Sales and Demand Management Forecast;
• Technology applied to logistics;
• Logistics services;
• The logistics professionals in the New Times;
• Audit Logistics;
• Logistics, Marketing and Sales;
• Inventory management and control materials;
• Distribution Management and transport.

Developing people:

• Excellence in customer service;
• Leadership and Team Development;
• Management Skills;
• Training and Talent Management;
• Turning customers into active sellers;
• Time management;
• Conflict Management and participation in meetings.